Education Cost in European Countries

By | December 1, 2018

When talking about education cost in European countries, study is not equal to a hole in your pocket. Money is not the deciding factor in case you are planning to study in European countries. Let’s look at some of the countries and their perks.

Education Cost in Top 7 European Countries


The average tuition fee to study In Italy is between EUR 900- EUR 4000 at the undergraduate level. Italy provides the same benefits of scholarships to study and grant to both international students and domestic students. Public universities are much cheaper than the private universities. The average cost of living in Italy is 300- 600 EUR.


Germany is one of the most popular non-anglophone study destinations, offering world class university and a high quality of life. Average cost of living in Germany is EUR 10,200. Although the cost of study in the universities if fee, there is a fee there is a charge per semester for enrolment, confirmation and administration.


The average tuition fee to study in Austria for international students is EUR 762. The average cost of living in this country for a year is EUR 11400. The student of European union is not charged any tuition fee. Also, each student is entitled to pay EUR 18 per semester for their membership in European student union.


The average tuition fee for studying in Belgium is EUR 906 for EU students and EUR 4175 for non- eu students. The average cost of living in this country is EUR 10200 to 11400. Low study cost and innovative teaching methods has made Belgium a great attractive spot for international students.


Denmark is home to over 40 universities with 18000 international students. The average cost for non- UE students in public universities is between 5000- 15000 EUR. The highly specialized course scan go over 35000 Eur. The average cost of living in Denmark is 800- 1200 EUR per month, also it varies with the city you choose. And not being a Eu student,further you would have to bear student visa charges of 310 EUR.


France is the best place to study in case you are lover of French language and culture. France again has one of the cheapest tuition fee. For non- EU students the average tuition fee is between 200 EUR to 650 EUR. Most of the public universities in France again do not charge any tuition fee.


Greece does not charge any tuition fee for the EU students, although if you are an international student, you would have to pay a tuition fee of 1500 EUR per year. Combining the cost of living and accommodation, Greece is one of the cheapest countries to live in and study in.

This is the list of some of the European countries where you can find affordable and free tuition fee and not let money decide your dream to study abroad. Europe has always been a favorite destination among the international students with its rich culture and diversity. Stay tuned for more exciting and marvelous facts about countries abroad.

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