Europe’s Best Destinations for Master’s Degree

By | December 20, 2018

Following are Europe’s Best Destinations for Masters

Europe is home to some of the world’s oldest and top universities in the world. Thinking about Masters in Europe–Germany- France are the first options that come to your mind, but there are many other countries which offer great Masters courses to study in Europe. Studying Masters in Europe will give you exposure to diverse culture, new languages and a multicultural environment with great nightlife. Not to for get the international degree would add a lot to your professional career and your personality in front of your employers.

Europe’s Best Destinations for Masters

Let’s have a look at some of the Europe’s Best Destinations for Masters degree.

Austria :

One of the Europe’s best destination for Masters is Austria. Austria is known for its quality Education system. Almost 20% of students in the universities in Austria are international students.Being in Austria, you do not have to any tuition fee for master’s Degree,international students do have to pay some tuition fee which is very low.Austria is also home to one on the Oldest universities- University of Vienna-1365. Austria has 22 public universities and 12 private universities making it one of the Europe’s best destinations for Masters degree.

Belgium :

The next in the list of Europe’s best destination for master’s is Belgium offering all the international students- a quality life, affordable living, and high-quality education. 7 of the Belgium universities are in the world’s top 400 universities. Belgium gives you a taste of multi-cultural and multi-lingual education system.

Czech Republic :

With 600 years of higher education experience and some of the most prestigious universities in central Europe.Czech Republic is one of the Europe’s best destinations for master’s degree. Czech Republic is very much welcoming for International students, as around 40000 students in their universities are international students. With a low cost of living, there is no tuition fee in any universities.

 Top 5 Czech Universities are as below :

-Charles University in Prague

– Masaryk University

– Palacky University Olomouc

– Brno University of Technology

– University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

France :

Long tradition of Excellence well defines French higher Education System making it in the list of Europe’s best destination for Masters. Europe is now home to around 245000 international students every year. The fee nowadays is the same for both national and international students. France is also home to one of the oldest university-The University or Paris-1160. The tuition fee and living cost are also very much affordable in France.

Germany :

Germany’s historic higher education system is supported by Germany’s strong economy, now offering a number of courses in German making it one of the top countries in the list of Europe’s best destination for Masters in Germany. Listings out the top destinations in Europe to study Master’s, Germany cannot be excluded. Germany is home to top-ranked master’s universities, then UK and USA. Majorly German universities do not charge any tuition fee. Germany has 500 universities with more than 19000 courses making it in the Europe’s best destinations for Masters

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