How to Apply for Masters in Germany

By | December 15, 2018

With over 11% of its students’ population coming from international destinations, Germany gives strong competition to popular international study destinations like the USA and UK. In fact, the student experience survey by the Times Higher Education rates Germany as one of the most internationalized student countries in the world.

Masters in Germany

Process to Apply for Masters in Germany

Master’s degree in university is categorized under two heads, Consecutive and non- consecutive. Under Consecutive the course is focused on the previous done bachelor’s degree to gain in order to build academic knowledge. Under the non- consecutive section, the applicant is required to possess both undergraduate degree and some relevant experience.

List of Top Universities Offering MS Courses.

-RWTH Aachen

-TU Munich

-University of Duisburg-Essen

-TU Chemnitz

-TU Hamburg-Harburg

-TU Darmstadt

Germany Being a hub of international students and competing with US and UK in MS Courses is widely known for courses in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Germany has 500 universities offering over 19000 courses which can be categorized into

–    Research Universities

–    Technical Universities

–    Universities of Applied Science

–    College of Art, Film, and Music

Language Requirement

Most of the courses in Germany are taught in German language. So before looking forward to any university in Germany, you need to check out the language requirements for the university. With the modern times, the international universities in Germany have now all their courses in English language, but to get mixed with the local culture you need to have knowledge with German language. Also, if you are from a non-native English country, you need to pass IELTS/ TOEFL test to prove your language skills,alternatively same for the German language proficiency you need to submit proficiency certificates from a valid institution.

Top Universities for Masters in Germany

University THE 2019 QS 2019 ARWU 2018
LMU Munich 32 62 53
Technical University of Munich 44 61 48
Heidelberg University 47 64 47
Humboldt University of Berlin 67 121
University of Freiburg 76 186 101-150

These are some of the listed top universities in Germany for MS Courses.

How to Submit an Application for Masters

To apply for Applications in German Universities, you need to check out the requirements of different universities on their individual websites or apply via Uni- assist. Uni-assist is a centralized admission portal, German Academic Exchange Service. Uni-assist charges a nominal fee of EUR 75 to process your applications to universities.

Universities in German have a very fair system for admissions and are free to set their own deadlines, so being an applicant,you need to find out the deadlines and schedule your routines accordingly, as to not miss any deadline.

The Application process has different requirements in accordance to different universities, most commonly you would need the below mentioned documents

–    Recognized Bachelor’s degree

–    Details of Secondary Education

–    Interview

–    Entrance Exams

–    IELTS/ TOEFL Score

Visa to Study in Germany

Student VISA in Germany is not very tough, Germany is a welcoming student destination

–    EU, EEA or Swiss students do not require a VISA but require a residence permit

–    International students need both- Student VISA and residence permit

Those applicants who have already received an acceptance letter can apply for a student visa, others can just apply for an applicant visa. Visa process can take many months, so better to apply for it at the earliest.

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