How to Apply for Scholarship to Study Abroad

By | November 17, 2018

Are you planning abroad as think that it is un-affordable for you?? Not anymore. There are many scholarship to study abroad and grant available worldwide which help aspiring students to have their dream come true. Study abroad scholarships are again a smart way to save money.Saving you money is never a bad idea. You can always utilize that money for your adventures in the new place.

Friends and Universities :

People around you might have the answers to all your questions, but the only ice breaker would be your confidence to ask for help. Start with your professors, teachers, friends, known, social circle, they would have something knowledgeable to tell you about study abroad scholarships or would know a way to apply for scholarships.

Calendar :

There are many ways to get scholarship to study abroad and varies with different universities and colleges so maintain a calendar with the dates and deadline before initiating as to avoid missing out any detail. Staying organised from the start can help you map all scholarships applied in case you apply for more than 1.

Research Database :

The internet is full of quick links which provide you the list of all the scholarships that are updated annually so research is a good idea to start with it. You can apply for many scholarships online and some of them would require process. There are many types of grants you would find. Some would be university specific, some location specific, some course specific and all of these would provide you great scholarships to study abroad. You just need to choose which one would be the best suitable for your needs.

Contacting the Funder :

It would be a great idea to contact the finder directly to know all the process and details without any delay or you might miss and important date.

Resume :

Resume is again the most important part of scholarships as you might have the list of the best scholarships you can avail but you need to prove yourself why you should be granted that scholarship.What’s your worth to be the holder of that scholarship, so you have to be very careful while writing your resume and cover letter.

References :

Reach out to the professor you have your best bond with and ask them to write a recommendation letter for you for study abroad scholarships, this would help you better in grabbing your study abroad scholarship.

Maintain Good Grades :

Marinating good grades is again mandatory as you should be serious about your studies to fulfill your dream of studying abroad. Many grants provide internship to average students but almost all of them require you to have good grades. If you want study in abroad after 12th so you must have good grades in your 12th exam to get scholarship for study abroad.

Your study abroad experience has to be the greatest experience of your life so plan wisely and make it large for your future endeavors.

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