How to Get Job in Abroad After Study

By | November 21, 2018

Study abroad is a dream of many, some of student move to abroad to get job in abroad after study. what next after completing this dream?Many students have a fortune great enough to have a good position in the companies abroad. Studying abroad is in itself a perk for the youngsters who are planning to work abroad as till then you have known much about the culture and are more preferable by the employers. Most of students want to get a job in abroad after study. Canada is most demanding destination for Indian students.

The new position that you will get into while working abroad is something worth more than travelling abroad.  The first step would be to decide which job role is of your preference- are you an MBA, engineer, IT geek or you have your interests something out of it.

Finding a Job in Abroad After Study :

The next step when you have decided which department you want to move in is to get know what jobs are available for you. Not all countries have a single place where all employers list their jobs.Making a profile on LinkedIn and connecting with the CEO’S, Managers, HR Is a great option to start with as many employers do not want to pay the recruiters and post their job there. You profile would be your resume so make sure to have a great profile which depicts all your study experiences, abilities, etc. Also,with some research you can list down the websites where employers list their vacancies. 

   In case you have studied abroad then you can start with your college alumni or your friends.

Choosing the Right Country :

It may always be that you would find job in your preferred country for the study you have done, might be the best jobs for your study are in the other country which can pay you a lot well. So be careful in making the right choice of a country. Also, all the cultures and weather of other countries might not suit you, make sure to know all weather conditions and culture before you make your move

Application :

Once you have done your research and decided which jobs you want to apply the next step is to send an application, make sure to make your application in norms with the country you are applying, so that it stands out of the crowd and does not go down in the pile with the other ones. You cannot work in any company without a legal permit to work, but on a visitor visa you can always search for a job,

The Final Step :

Once you are done with your job selection make sure t study about the company as much as you can because employers have a keen interest in their candidates who know better about their company and also make a note of the mannerisms in the work culture of that country as they might not be the same as your ow home country.

Things can help you map your first experience of working abroad. Whenever you get a great opportunity just grab it, you might not always get this again. If you are a student and studying in abroad you also find part time job in abroad . Good luck with your Job abroad.

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