How To Study Abroad After 12th

By | November 20, 2018

After 12th class, every student has a dream to study abroad as it is a once in a lifetime experience.  But where, how to study abroad after 12th, when, what are the questions to be answered.

Study Abroad After 12th

Depending upon your stream of medical, arts and commerce or engineering, you can decide which course you want to study for your bright future. The main courses available to study abroad are Engineering,management, computer science, finance and accounting, journalism, sociology and design

Study in Abroad After 12th
  • There are many forms of engineering, which you can select from if you have a non-medical background in school, like civil engineering, computer engineering, biotechnology etc.
  • Designing is another subject which can get you great heights in future aspects and a great choice to study abroad for creative people
  • Business administration is one of the great courses to study abroad After 12th.

Do choose the course wisely as you would be spending a lot of money to study abroad. And also it would be deciding your career.

Now after deciding the course the next question pops up is where to study, which country to choose from

There are many countries to choose from UK,Canada, Australia, US, New Zealand, Singapore, Europe. Every country has their own pros and cons and a diversifies culture. Some countries may have very friendly people where you can adjust easily while the other might have not so friendly culture.

Climate :

You would not find the same climate in other countries as your home country so make sure you are healthy enough to adapt yourself to the alien climate or other way it can get a toll over your health.

You can choose the country to study depending on your budget and your preference of cultures. Also, it would depend on your IELTS score, many countries have a standard IELTS score to take admission whereas many countries do not require any IELTS score.

Tuition Fees :

Tuition fee is a major aspect to decide your country as if you talk about European countries education cost they charge a very low tuition fee, but if you talk about USA, this country has one of the maximum tuition fees.

Cost of Living :

Make sure the surrounding areas where you are planning to take admission as you might face higher costs of living for the accommodation around your preferred university.

Scholarship :

Are you planning to study abroad and are low on funds, there are many scholarships available these days which do not let your dream to study abroad die at any cost. You can aggressively look for the scholarships and grants by the universities which would help you to move abroad without any hole in your pockets.

All the best with you dream to study abroad, hope this article replies your some of your questions on what when,how!!!

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