MBA in Canada, Education Cost and Procedure

By | December 7, 2018

Canada is home to 7 of the world’s top 150 universities of the world. Canada has a surge of 90% since the last ten years for international students. Canada is considered to the most educated cities.Canada is one of the top countries for overall convenience of studying abroad.The students going to Canada experience a world class experience of resources,high quality of living, multicultural exposure and easy way to convert studying into legally working.

Why MBA in Canada ?

MBA is in itself one of the best courses to pursue for your career. MBA is fruitful to those who wanted to gain management skills in a business environment. Pursing MBA from Canada gives you various benefits like Admission and your visa process turns simpler. The colleges in Canada also help you to go through internships. MBA programs also give a boost to your professional career, giving you a better future. Canada also offers you MBA degrees which are internationally recognized. Let’s have a look at some of the top universities in Canada to study MBA.

College/ University Duration Course fee
Rotman School of Management 2 Years $84028
UBE Sauder 16 months $60440
Ivey Business School 1 year $101500
Queen’s Smith School of Business 1 year $71445
McGrillDesautal 20 months $89000

Eligibility for Studying MBA in Canada

GMAT- GMAT is an international level examination for admissions in international universities for MBA. To get admission in a good Canadian University. A good GMAT score is must to have admission in Canadian universities.

IELTS Score- So when you want to enter a university in a country where the native language is English, you need to pass IELTS / TOEFL which is an English language proficiency test, accepted at international level.

Bachelor’s Degree-  You must have a bachelor’s degree for a recognised university

Work Experience- Not mandatory but in case you do have a work experience, the universities will give you preference over other students. MBA in Canada would help you more flourish in your career going ahead.

Application Process

To apply for MBA in Canada, application form can be found on the university websites, the application process is quite lengthy so make sure to apply for it 15 to 18 months prior.

Application process to apply for MBA in Canada would require the following documents

  • Visa documents
  • Letter of recommendations- You need a recommendation from your previous supervisors/ managers who have judged your performance closely.
  • Bank statements and financial documents
  • Work experience- documents of your total work experience.
  • Statement of purpose- Statement is one of the key elements you require which helps the committee

Quality of Life

The students studying MBA in Canada are more preferably looking to settle in Canada with jobs. Canada government promotes multiculturalism among people and the medical treatments are free. MBA in Canada is much cheaper than in US. Canada Lets you work while studying and you can earn a lot while studying and living in Canada.

Jobs after MBA

There is no denying in the fact that MBA ‘sare paid one of the best salaries in the world. After MBA in Canada you can work in various industries like

  • Accountancy
  • IT
  • Education
  • Oi and gas

    And many more. Graduates are also given an option to work in government sectors in Canada.

MBA is Canada has its own benefits and cons too as more than 90% of the industry In Canada is small scale industries with maximum 500 employees which some way or the other can affect your professional growth.

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