Study in New Zealand- Courses, Fee, Eligibility and Education System

By | December 18, 2018

New Zealand is an Island country. In case you are planning to study abroad and are in love with scenic beauty and ancient volcanic eruptions then New Zealand id the best choice for you. New Zealand is also one of the safest countries to study in for international students. Well-reputed universities, high-quality life, scenic beauty, diverse cultures, and a very friendly environment makes study in New Zealand the perfect choice for students.

Study in New Zealand

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to 8 of the top 500 universities according to QS World University Rankings. The country offers all types of courses in Undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D.  New Zealand has a unique education system with small batch sizes which gives a proper focus on individuals. The economy of New Zealand is very stable, with low livings costs. The population of New Zealand is around 4 million and the people are happy to welcome you and make you feel at home in the country make study in New Zealand an ideal choice. Work opportunities are again a tempting thing with this country as the student visa allows you to work 20 hours a week during your semesters and 40 hours a week during vacations.

Education System in New Zealand

Education system in New Zealand is one of the most amazing features of this country to make your study in New Zealand an unforgettable experience. New Zealand has 600 private universities and 8 government funded universities. New Zealand also has an institute for polytechnics which offer you various programs in vocational courses. The education system in New Zealand rewards you for both practical and written achievements. The degrees in New Zealand are again recognized worldwide.  The study in New Zealand basically focuses on the individuality of the students giving an independent environment to learn and grasp things.

Cost of Education in New Zealand

New Zealand universities have different tuition fees. The expected yearly fee for study in New Zealand is $26000 to$32000 annually for bachelor’s degree and ranging between $32000 to $47000 for postgraduate courses, but the amount can vary and the universities in New Zealand have a permit to set their own kind of tuition fee. The cost of living in New Zealand varies on the city you choose to stay. On an average your yearly expenses to stay in New Zealand are between $12000 to $27000 depending upon the kind of life you choose.

Scholarships to study are also available in this country which you have to look on to the university websites, these would help you minimize your costs of study in New Zealand. Also, your student visa will allow you to work for 20 hours a week, which can again help you to handle your budgets.

Popular Universities in New Zealand

There are only 8 universities across the island country New Zealand, out of which 7 are a part of top 500 universities in the world. To name a few we have

–    University of Auckland

This is the largest and the best university in New Zealand ranking 82nd in the world. It was established in 1883, has 6 campuses and is home to around 40000 students.

–    University of Otago

This university was established in 1869 and is ranked 151st in the world. The University of Otago has its roots in Dunedin,second largest city of South Island.

–    University of Canterbury

The University of Canterbury is the third best and ranked 214th in the world. This university was established in 1873

Visa Process for New Zealand

The VISA process for this country is easier as compared to any other country in the world. This country does not reject visa right away and also you can do a job for a year after your studies and apply for Permanent residency right away.

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