Top 5 European Countries to Study and Work

By | January 31, 2019

Europe has always been a preferred spot by the students who are looking for an affordable education. The diverse culture, colour-ful nights and Paris being a city of artists marks Europe as one of the coolest and most preferred place to study and work. Let’s look at the top 5 European countries to study and work

Here are Top 5 European Countries to Study and Work

  1. Germany

If you are looking European countries to study and work for high class education and world class research, Germany is the answer for you. Public universities in Germany does not charge any tuition fee for the both national and international students. German cities are the most affordable cities in Europe as compared to Paris and London. The regions where tuition fee is charged also have an estimate of $1000 per year. Germany doesn’t let their students go back as this place also has a high employability rate. Germany is also one of the strongest economies of the world. But to work in Germany, you would have to be well verse with the German language.

2.  Italy 

Italy is famous European country to study for its culture and historical places. Italy is home to many of the oldest and top universities. The city is place for the lovers of art, world history and architecture.  Accommodation cost of Italy is also very low. Rich cultural experience is something that runs in the air of the place. Milan would be the most preferred European country to study instead of Venice, Florence or Rome.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of the most mesmerizing cities in the Europe. European Countries to study and work profound architectural style is something that you cannot ignore visiting Barcelona. Barcelona has a different feel, culture and language as compared to the entire country of Spain.Barcelona can give you major study abroad goals with major travel abroad goals as the beaches and scenic beauty is too much mesmerizing. The people out in Barcelona are also friendly to give to great European country to study and travel buddies.

4. France

When talking about Europe, how can we forget about France. France again has the same and low tuition fee as compared to other cities. The tuition fee for both national and international students is same making it one of the most preferable European country to study. Overall the average tuition fee to study in France is $1000. France is the place of French language which is again considered as the sweetest language. In case you are an artist and also passionate for fashion designing, France is the perfect destination for you. France happens to be the land of one of the 10 top-universities in the world.

5. Netherlands

Netherlands is a famous European countries to study and work for the international students as the universities here have American standards of innovation and creativity. If you are looking for the daily updated education with the running economies all over the world, Netherlands is your answer. Amsterdam is the most popular destination if you are planning to study in Netherlands

Study abroad is once in a life time experience , so choose wisely what culture, what budget , what language and which country are you planning to settle in for your future.

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